Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Ok, so I know that I am late with this posting but things have been a little crazy around The Trimble household lately! Both Matthew and I have been sick with Sinus Infections and it pretty much layed me out for 3 days.. getting better though : )

Ok, so here are some pics that we took on Easter. It was a great day. I did miss the girls and egg hunting but there is always next year!! : - ) Enjoy!

My stud in his pink : )

This is the water by our house : )

Here we are : )

Trimble Family Pic: Easter 2009

Mommy's Boy : )

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Birthday; A Baseball Game; Cookies & More!

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog so I figured while Matthew is playing with Guitar Hero I’d get everyone up to date on what’s been going on at the Trimble household! WARNING: It’s a long one!

The Chief’s 116th Birthday:
April 1st marked the 116th Birthday of the Chief Petty Officer Rank in the Navy. To celebrate this occasion the Navy has a Chief’s Birthday Ball every year. This year the ship decided to have their own. I was excited because this meant two things; 1) My husband got to wear the uniform we got married in (Totally HOT), and 2) I got to wear my ball gown dress I bought in January!! It was beautiful weather until the day of the ball and of course it had to rain. Traffic was HORRIBLE going to the other side of the water but we made it. It was interesting. Not as fun as we both thought it would be but we did have a few good laughs at our table AND we won a door prize so that was exciting. Here are a few pics from the night. Happy Birthday to the Chief’s!

Baseball is here!:
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE baseball!! We don’t have any Major League teams here, the closest is the Washington Nationals in DC, but we do have Minor League. One of the affiliates for the Baltimore Orioles is based out of Norfolk. They are called the Norfolk Tides. The Orioles and The Nationals played their exhibition game at the Tide’s park; Harbor Park. The ship bought a section and sold tickets so of course we went. It was a beautiful day for baseball AND the park was actually really nice for Minor League. We are hoping to go to a few games there this season. Hey, if you can’t hang with the Big Leagues you might as well support the little guys right?!?!? : ) Here are some pics from that day:

The luxuries of having a house:
The good thing about living on base is that they come and mow and edge your yard for you and keep it maintained, etc EXCEPT if you have a fence. So, in our case they only mow the front yard and we are responsible for the back. It’s weird to see how different all of our backyards are here. We have a pretty good size one, our neighbor's is a little smaller, and then their neighbor's is like ¾ of the size of ours..weird. It’s nice to have a big one though because we have plans for many BBQ’s this summer and we can fit more people outside : ) The one thing we did not have was a lawn mower. It hasn’t been that much of a problem except it’s been raining like crazy here and so the grass is growing pretty fast. Well, we got a warning about our yard not being cut so we figured we better take care of it. So off to the exchange we went to buy a lawn mower and luckily for us we had some nice weather this past weekend so we were able to mow it. Our neighbors were out of town and they had gotten a notice to so Matthew went over and mowed theirs for them. That’s what neighbors do he says : ) Here are some pics of Matthew mowing our lawn (and our neighbors) for the first time!

Sea time:
This past week Matthew had to go out to sea for 3 days. He was gone starting Monday night until Thursday night. It wasn’t too bad to be myself except Tex was driving me crazy. He was in protection mode I guess, because all he did was bark and bark and bark at the smallest of things. Needless to say I was glad when Matthew came home because I could have some “ME” time and Tex could hang out with his Daddy. I seriously think this dog thinks he’s a human but in a dog’s body, but I still love the little guy. Anyways, so on Monday I made Matthew homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies for him to take on his little trip out to sea. It is so much easier to bake using my mixer, I love that thing. Here are some pics of my cookies : )

Adult interaction:
I joined the Spouse’s Club on base this past week and I was so glad to finally have some adult interaction. Being at home all day with a dog you tend to start to lose your mind. That is one thing I miss about working is the people. I’m hoping that soon I’ll have that interaction again!! I am excited about the club and getting to know the other spouse’s. I think it will be so much fun. I also found out that the ship has their own Family Readiness Group so I’ll be joining that as well and can meet some people whose spouse’s are on board the ship so that will be fun. They are working on a cookbook of recipes complied from the ship’s crew and even some of the Bush Family recipes. Sales will start in July so if you want one let me know!!!